ZGF设计促进厅公地的新家和校友会,提供温馨,热情和令人难忘的环境,传达精神和大学的丰富的历史。4000 SF空间包括接待处,客厅风格的主要聚集空间,并通过餐饮厨房主机筹款活动和校友聚会所支持的大型会议室。In working with the university to develop the vision for the space, identify commonalities between mission and program of both groups and to interpret the campus’ history, legacy and image a number of themes emerged that were embraced in the design including concepts of permanence, legacy, timelessness, transformation, and purpose. To evoke these themes gold and purple materials, finishes and lighting—traditional UW colors—were used generously throughout, elements such as the gothic relief and lit panel at the entry recall the historic Suzzallo Library form and stained glass windows at the heart of the campus, and the main board room includes a graphic composition of alumni celebrating the legacy of the institution.


ZGF,在使用Studio SC协会,提供给华盛顿下议院环境图形设计。温馨的空间,传达了校园的悠久历史。该设计吸引了来自大学的校训,力士坐的灵感,意为“教育的启示”。A ‘faces and places’ wall features images of notable alumni made of wood that was salvaged from a tree on campus and conveys the importance and potential of each student, while the timeline—applied to a glass surface—celebrates significant dates, events and innovations. In the reception area, inspirational words are cut into wood paneling and backlit with gold lighting. The elevator bay is etched with an image of the iconic Suzzallo library to remind visitors of the inspiration and knowledge the library imparts. Gold and purple lighting, traditional UW colors, emanates throughout the space.