The University of Virginia’s (UVA) Orthopaedic Center at Ivy Mountain will establish a state-of-the-art, comprehensive center for orthopedic care, co-locating existing clinics with an outpatient surgery center, imaging, physical therapy, and administrative and physician offices. The 194,000 SF facility will support UVA’s mission of further advancing its academic medical center while also prioritizing the patient experience and the training of healthcare professionals. The building’s architectural design draws inspiration from UVA’s campus vernacular and from the musculoskeletal program it will house. Two separate wings of clinical, administrative, and support space will be joined by a “tendon” of public space, all focused around a central garden. Distinct identities will be established for each of the specialty clinics, while creating opportunities for the clinics to flex and share resources behind the scenes as patient volumes change. Taking advantage of the natural topography and garden-like beauty of its site, the building will nestle into the hillside, minimizing its perceived size. Carefully framed views of the garden will greet patients as they enter the building, and an outdoor terrace will offer access to the grounds. A multifunctional landscape will support the healing process with a series of outdoor experiences and physical therapy trails that encourage patients, staff, and visitors to rest and reflect, to walk or run, and to be immersed in the outdoor environment.