ZGF被山间医疗保健,在山间西部最大的医疗保健供应商,委托设计一个新的LEED认证®独立的诊所。其目标是创建一个能够支持保健的协调,并提供良好的用户体验空间的高品质,以病人为中心的环境,同时还整合精益设计策略,以提高运营和简化流程。新的四层,78668 SF杨木诊所在七个多专科诊所,为内部和家庭医学,内分泌科,风湿科,足,痛服务,X射线,实验室和重新定位的穆雷InstaCare和卡顿提供全面的护理188betios下载188bet金宝博足球药房在一个单一的,易于访问的位置。精益流程包括开发由各类专家,医生,护士,医疗助理,实验室和放射技师,药剂师,社工,营养师,接待员,物料管理的跨职能核心团队和IT协同人事工作与诊所leadership, the design team, and the contractor, to create a facility focused on Intermountain Healthcare’s number one core value: do what is right for the patient. Using five, multi-day Integrated Design Events scheduled over five months, the team collectively made operational and design decisions to achieve operational and facility outcomes in support of Intermountain Healthcare’s goals for the project. Key outcomes that were targeted included increasing efficiency, reducing non-patient care space, maximizing building square footage on-site and incorporating growth, improving patient satisfaction scores, improving call abandonment rates, reducing the number of days for an appointment, and improving wait times.