ZGF provided design services for the historic restoration and rehabilitation of the 60,000 SF train station, which was originally built and opened to the public with much fanfare in May 1906. Designed by Reed and Stem, the firm responsible for Grand Central Terminal with a clock tower modeled after the grand Campanile di San Marco, elements of the project include rehabilitation of the iconic 12-story clock tower, original 45-foot-high ornamental plaster ceilings and walls, terrazzo and mosaic tile floors, and operable windows. True to the building’s original fashion, the white marble wainscoting, decorative sconces, and glass globe chandeliers removed during the 1950s modernization were replicated and replaced. The rehabilitation also included significant seismic and mechanical/electrical updates to improve the building’s safety, durability and performance—all of which complied with the City’s sustainable building standards and the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and Guidelines for Historic Preservation. A number of sustainable strategies and systems were incorporated to optimize building performance, including natural ventilation, use of a ground-source heat pump, and energy and water strategies, including LED lights and low flow fixtures, resulting in a 68% more efficient building. The project is LEED Platinum®.